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After the blows I've taken emotionally, I need to take a break for everything to pick myself back up. It's also taken a toll on my physical health, succumbing to a nasty cold not two hours after the heartbreaking news was announced.

For those out of the loop, I'm no longer able to go to Hong Kong through fault of my own. I've managed to lose my birth certificate, thus applying for a new one, as well as a passport, even paying for express priority for both, I won't make it in time and it doesn't work out to postpone or reschedule the dates.

If you think I'm being a drama queen, you don't know me well enough, since you're not aware of how much this meant to me and why.

This shouldn't affect anyone much really, since I haven't been around anyway, but this may apply to the internet in all of its forms, depending.

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