11 December 2007 @ 04:46 pm
I have a confession. I think I have a problem. I call it the 'Alice Cullen' syndrome (Quick! Call shoppaholics anonymous!). Problem being, Alice Cullen is fictional and I'm not her. Therefore, it is not feasible for me to continue spending like I have been as:
(1) I do not have centuries worth of accumulated wealth to draw upon.
(2) I do not have the uncanny and dead useful gift of being able to predict the stockmarket.

Guess that means I'll have to try and learn how to control myself.
Not easy considering my credit card limit got upped and I have the excuse of requiring a whole wardrobe for university. Note the absence of 'new' in that sentence. Explanation; I don't have a complete wardrobe as my seven night working for the family business requires me to be in uniform. So, when I was but a wee school student, it was from one uniform to another (then later to PJs), which explains my enthusiasm for this whole shopping concept.

I was going to spam you with my purchases, however I've decided to wait until they were all in my posession. Then I shall unleash my image heavy, bankrupting splurge to end all splurges.
I'll admit now that my weakness is designer denim, if you have not already noticed. Three pairs this year, plus the Nudies that I just ordered not ten minutes ago. *facepalm* Alright, so not much in comparison to the fanatics at Authentic Forum, but it's a start (and boy, what a start. I'm salivating at the prospects already.) Plus, give me a break. It is Summer here, and have I bought myself any bottoms other than jeans? I think not. I have really lost all my sense (in every meaning -- ha! A bad pun. See what I mean?)

I swear I had other stuff of relative importance to announce, but I have forgotten between shopping and debt, denim and-- oh! Pondering whether my wisdom teeth are announcing their arrival, which I admit to being scared of. Not the surgery, as I'm opting for anaesthetia, but the pain and stitches, and getting said stitches removed... How did I almost forget that? That and the fact there are nine days to go until UAIs are announced, which makes me want to crawl into a corner, hugging myself into a little ball and scream for it to be over, or rather under, as I'd rather not face the music, thank you very much (or then again, rather over, over my desired marks target that is, but I cannot see that happening).

See why I'd rather immerse myself in material items?

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] tekno_tyr, did you too, receive a school newsletter in the mail? As I did, even though, you know, I'm not enrolled, let alone part of that place anymore... *facepalm* Nevermind, you're brother... so of course. Irrelevant.

P.P.S. [livejournal.com profile] seasonstocking & me!