04 November 2007 @ 03:33 pm
wake up and smell the bacon, francis  
Have you ever had one of those annoying jingles stuck in your head? Yeah? I know that's normal and all, but have you ever actually liked one of those "annoying" jingles?
See, I have a confession to make. I really like bacon. Okay, so that wasn't the confession, but there's this Maccas ad (yes, Maccas, McDonalds, Mickey D's, whatever) and I think it's totally awesome. It's just all like, "BACON BACON BACON!!" And I keep singing it.
My brother thinks it's hilarious (that I've somehow lost my mind.) But then there's the fact that having announced my fondness of bacon... well it couldn't have come at a worse time. Seeing as the news that apparently says something about bacon and cancer... But whatever, I'm going to keep my bacon (and eat it too!); I must confess, I downloaded the jingle too. *facepalm*

A-BAC-ON!!! hehe I've just discovered that I have a penchant for bacon ads...? )

My NaNoWriMo attempt is abysmal and I even though I'm liking Wuthering Heights the second time around, I've realised I hate everyone in the damned place! I find that quite appalling, really. Seeing as I'm usually a character lover, unless they're deliberately painted as malevolent, but then again...

I'm also beginning to draw up Christmas lists because well, anything to banish thoughts of the HSC. Not saying anything regarding others yet, but for myself I think I'd quite like a laptop and perhaps a mixing appliance of sorts, so I can do some baking. That is if I don't deliquesce due to heat beforehand... They're both practical gifts, plus I need a laptop for uni anyway and my dad said he'd get me one for that purpose. So, I guess it's quite likely. What do you guys want for Christmas? Or am I way too early to begin writing my letter to Santa?