25 November 2007 @ 06:24 pm
money = power, which aptly explains my weakness (i ain't got no silver dollars)  
Heads up, Aussie flisters!
If you shop at General Pants, click here and fill out the small survey for 20% off at General Pants until Christmas Eve! (I wonder if I can use these on a pair of Nudies... *G*)
That's not all, Free Pair of ROC Sunnies (Maggie style) if you sign up to their mailing list, although they do charge $10 postage...
Threadless is also having their $10 Christmas Sale and aflksgjf damn $AUD had the nerve to drop to 87 cents. Stupid credit card limit and exchange rate and shipping klfdsaj. Am not happy, Jan.

Without further ado, as I'd rather not push Bella further, as I'm entirely too sure that she may just kill me as it is. My shocking werewolf confession. My favourite werewolf is/was not Remus Lupin! *gasp*
The first werewolf I ever fell in love with was Sally Odger's Rafe from Translations in Celadon. I may have forgotten his last name and most of the details of the novel I read many years ago, but lksdjfajgkfadsg. The love never dies! Sorry Remus, my love for you pales in so many ways in comparison, albeit it does not help that he (most unfortunately) in my eyes will never escape Sirius' shadow. Not that you know, this means I dislike Remus in any way, shape or form, but rather he really does not get the affection or adoration he should in my eyes by all rights. Moving on, I really need to get my hands on a copy of that book. As well as that Isobelle Carmody one I got my hair pulled for (Scatterlings, I do believe it was). Oh such lovely school memories owed to the library...

Speaking of memories -- crushes, whatnot, is it just me, or does anybody else think [livejournal.com profile] crush_posts is creepily lame? Or at least just creepy? I mean, alright, I sympathise with people who have crushes. I have nothing against them and I understand their want (or "need") to gush about their crush. However, I do kind of think it's an invasion of privacy to post photos of said crush on the internet for absolute strangers to gawk at. There is a difference from sharing said crush with your mates and allowing the entire world to do Merlin knows with a picture. Consent, people. Honestly.

The media should be having a field day too. What with the just past election, the Australian Idol Final tonight and not to mention Australia's apparent favourite man of the moment, one David Beckham. Not that you know I have anything against him or any of this for that matter. It's just getting horribly repetitive. Another reason why I could never see myself going into journalism.

Right, should really get around to flisting and attempting to catch up on flisting and such.