01 May 2009 @ 06:33 pm
Episode 2(? or Episode 1 Epilogue?)  
Yesterday's Non-Entry:

This is like one of those filler episodes, where nothing really happens, but it's serving to alleviate the shock and onslaught of emotions brought on by the previous episode.

Today involved a lot of frustration and stupidity as a result of lack of sleep, as well as the spilling of leftover tears—not that they really had any reason to be shed anymore.

But it's all okay now.
Except for the fact that I just binged on a giant self-created ice cream sundae—but it's okay(!), I incorporated half a banana and two kiwi fruits! See, healthy! >.>

Let's never have another disagreement, please, I don't think my hips heart can take it.

Today's Non-Entry:

Man, I love Fridays.

Despite the fact that I wake up stupidly early on a day that I'm off from uni, and travel an equally stupid long distance to stay for a relatively short amount of time... I'd say benefits exceed all costs, including the external ones (guess what subject I'm currently studying!). Cheesy romantics are right; you can't put a price on love.

P.S. My Exam Timetable, after the jump, because I know you want to stalk me. )