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2009-05-27 01:26 pm

Tree, Leaf, Wind

Last night I had the urge to listen to Ah Sang's "Leaf", being reminded after the MV for Tank's new single, '如果我變成回憶/Ru Guo Bian Cheng Hui Yi' (If I become a memory) appeared on my flist (P.S. Lyrics translation, anyone?). I'd been meaning to for ages since I heard of her passing. I've always loved it in its simplicity, and because of the MV, which features Selina and Joe Cheng.

Using my google-fu skills to find the lyrics in pinyin, for my feeble attempts to singalong... I stumbled across this blog, which made me further appreciate the song by being enlightened about the story of the Tree, Leaf and Wind.

To paraphrase the blogger, King's summary of the story:
There was once a boy—we'll call him Tree—who was always mucking around with girls. One day, he realises that the girl he loves was the one beside him all along. The one he took for granted, but she was leaving him now with another boy.

She was leaving with a broken heart—as the Leaf leaves the Tree when the Wind blows. The other boy who took her away, loves her also—his name is Wind.

The question this story asks is: Does the Leaf leave the Tree because of the Wind, or because the Tree doesn't hold her back?

There's a more indepth, modern version of the story here, which also makes some comments. The most significant thing to me though was concerning the Wind and its strength and duration of perserverance. In this version, Leaf leaves a note saying: "Leaf's heart is too heavy and wind couldn't blow her away", yet she eventually comes around to Wind, but really, how long does the Wind keep blowing?

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2009-05-24 05:36 pm

(no subject)

Guys, I'm ready to cry tonight.

I'm pushing away everything else in my life—the assignment I've yet to finish that must be done tomorrow (or rather, before 11pm so I can watch the match!!), all other conflict or whatnot—to concentrate on this because this is just... more than once in a life time.

He's just so amazing.

The real point of this entry was to ask someone if they could direct me to, or even upload, Paolo Maldini Il Film for me because I think I'll need it for closure. I'm still heartbroken at losing it.

Pretty please?

ETA: Grazie, Vy! ♥ Ti amo!
P.S. I apologise for my dodgy attempts at Italian.
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2009-05-03 06:41 pm

Introducing the sexy Holothuroidea!

How I hate graphs. And economics. Booooo! And not the cute kind of boo, like when you're being all cute :3 and trying to scare someone, like Boo in Monsters Inc. (note to self: re-watch Monsters Inc!), but the sad kind, as in "boo, you suck!"

Before I start rambling on about today's culinary foray into the land of azn street cred and impotence cures, let me just ask:

Is anyone moving to dreamwidth, or planning to?

Now that that's out of the way, let me introduce the humble sea cucumber (See Diagram A).

Diagram A

Fallen in love yet? No? Okay, how about this? )
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2009-05-01 06:33 pm

Episode 2(? or Episode 1 Epilogue?)

Yesterday's Non-Entry:

This is like one of those filler episodes, where nothing really happens, but it's serving to alleviate the shock and onslaught of emotions brought on by the previous episode.

Today involved a lot of frustration and stupidity as a result of lack of sleep, as well as the spilling of leftover tears—not that they really had any reason to be shed anymore.

But it's all okay now.
Except for the fact that I just binged on a giant self-created ice cream sundae—but it's okay(!), I incorporated half a banana and two kiwi fruits! See, healthy! >.>

Let's never have another disagreement, please, I don't think my hips heart can take it.

Today's Non-Entry:

Man, I love Fridays.

Despite the fact that I wake up stupidly early on a day that I'm off from uni, and travel an equally stupid long distance to stay for a relatively short amount of time... I'd say benefits exceed all costs, including the external ones (guess what subject I'm currently studying!). Cheesy romantics are right; you can't put a price on love.

P.S. My Exam Timetable, after the jump, because I know you want to stalk me. )
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2009-04-25 07:52 pm
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(no subject)

I've handwritten a long, verbose, coherency debatable post and alerted [livejournal.com profile] darkblue & [livejournal.com profile] pippopippo to its existence whilst in the process of its very creation. However, I feel that at this time it's not suffice for what I want to say at present.

So here's the lowdown—for now—at least.

This is a reawakening. This LJ will live, and live properly once more. It will breathe and there will be life running through its veins.

With that said, and its new beginnings happily established, I move on.

Has anyone heard of dreamwidth? If so, would anyone like to kindly throw some codes my way if/when they're released?

No, I am not planning on moving, but rather, extending.

A person grows, you know? I am too, and after countless months—perhaps even years—I finally feel that I have found the purpose for an extension blog. Another blog that yes, is about me, as I being the author and creator will ultimately be the one who shapes and forms its very being and living, but that's not the point. The point, or rather, purpose, is a creative outlet. Something to stimulate both my brain cells and my creativity. Something for my soul to thrive upon. Something purely for me.

I'm not sure I can express how happy I am to have stumbled upon this. I've been hunting, racking my brains, going insane over finding this purpose for ages. It's as amazing as finding the one that you love. It's my baby. It's as if I'm whole again. Not that I haven't been happy with my life—I most certainly am (!!)—but this is just... mind blowing. This I'll elaborate on later, as I cover it in my forthcoming rambling spiel.

Stay tuned for a further news update regarding, but regular programming shall also commence. Are you excited? I know I am!

Belated: my apologies for my prior lethargy and absence.
Forthcoming: apologies if there is any spam incurred on my part.
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2009-03-15 02:49 pm

(no subject)

Tomorrow is our one month ^^ ♥

As you can tell from yesterday's (lack of) entry, things went well ^^

I'm torn, since I want to record these things down so I'll always remember, so I'll have an accurate memory of these days, my feelings and the little details that just help you relive such happy things, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I want to share them, which ultimately defeats the purpose of a blog.


All you need to know is that I would kill for Clinkers right now.

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2009-02-14 04:34 pm

(no subject)

Sleep is my boyfriend.
We're always in bed together.

On that note, Happy Valentines Day, loves!
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2009-02-13 08:01 pm

(no subject)

Today I was late for work, not only because I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed (I've been suffering from lack of sleep for a few days now), but also because I was determined to shop at Woolworths beforehand. Now, I'm rather annoyed as I arrived at work only to discover that there'd be a change in date, and thus the $20.20 I blew on candy, seeing as I had no need to buy groceries, will not go to the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal, since it's been pushed back to next Friday, from what I assume is the clash with Coles, and its decision to also donate all its proceeds.

Other than that, I have nothing to say.
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2009-02-05 09:09 pm

(no subject)

Guess who's back?

With internet to boot?

I told you guys that I've got a job already too, right?

P.S. I'm sorry, but I'm seriously too horribly tired to flist, and it would take me 409258093 years, plus I have to put together something for my meeting with bosses tomorrow, so please, fill me in on what I've missed? What's new with you?
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2009-01-19 08:27 pm

(no subject)

Remember my last entry? No phone at work?
Yeah, well that's kind of why I'm AWOL at the moment.

I've managed to recover the phone lines, but the internet is still MIA.
Hopefully we work out how to get it back at OWT!work tomorrow...

I'd totally tell you guys all about it, but it's super complicated, and I'm actually on my super nice neighbour's computer right now, so yes... maybe another time.

I am aware how bimbo-ish I sound, but hey, I'm rushing, alright? I don't have the fastest mind out there >.<

Anyway, I wish you all the best and hopefully I'll get to catch up with you soon!!!

P.S. I think they've hired me?
P.P.S. Last week sucked majorly.
P.P.P.S. @ brothers: FOL should recommence on 3/2/09... IMU ♥

P.P.P.P.S.!!!! Do me a favour and comment with what I've missed with your lives? *bats eyelashes* ♥
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2008-12-23 11:15 pm

(no subject)

Build a beard and make the world a slightly better place! [livejournal.com profile] pippopippo has done it. I've done it. Will you?

It appears as if I'm having an attack of conscience, and I sure hope this lasts. As long as I can remember, I've been wanting to sponsor a child. Once I get a job — a proper paying job, I plan to follow through with this deed. Until then, I'll try to do my best through other methods such as loan on Kiva or give better gifts — this I won't expose until Christmas.

Also, Aussie flisters? Please create a butterfly! It takes less than a minute and I found it actually quite fun :) For every butterfly created, a dollar is donated.

I'm quite a materialistic person, but it's Christmas, and I know that this mind frame is not the best because Christmas only comes once a year, but I'm going to try my best whilst this lasts.

One of my New Year's Resolutions will be to donate any tips I receive at work.
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2008-12-17 02:53 pm
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Finishing the scarf made me happy yesterday, or rather, on Monday. Although all sense of accomplishment has long disappeared.

4++. )
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2008-12-15 09:20 pm
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(no subject)


My dad called my yesterday a 'bad day'. Some events which constituted said 'bad day' involved an incident that involved many tears, a high percentage of danger to my precious baby — the scarf I've toiled over for the past week, and a malicious outburst at my poor brother for his wrong doing. In addition to this, I stacked it hard at work in the kitchen on the tiled floor, stupidly running to turn off the sink tap, which was overflowing at the time. This involved complete saturation of my entire uniform, being a white button up shirt and black pants, as well as my bright green bonds underwear, with practically no time to recover — not that we were particularly busy, but more so because customers trickled in at a rate that left no time for me time.

So, what kept me happy?

Definitely not the bad dreams I keep encountering the past four nights (and counting), or the 'bad day'. It was the memories of the night before, and more so, my family for their love and support, as evident with the scarf. They know how much this scarf, and making it, means to me, and do everything they possibly can to help.

It not only applies to the scarf, but my life and what's important to me in general, as evident in a conversation with my dad last night. He told me that he's trying not to use my new camera too much, and that we should all make sure we keep it safe, (since my last two cameras were pinched at work) because this one has more than monetary value. This one can not be replaced.

With such amazing people in my life, how can I call any day a bad day?

P.S. I finished the scarf today, but I'll be a tease and post photos tomorrow.
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2008-12-14 02:19 am

(no subject)

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.

I tag... YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to know what makes you happy~!!!

1. Tonight made me happy! Firepig and Leo dancing crazily, an old man dancing crazily before thanking us and leaving. Happy people. Dancing people. Clinking glasses with Leo, and then with Firepig numerous times. Sibling rivalry! Wine makes me happy. Putting pig on to Firepig's key chain. Being told we're wonderful! Watching Sai Or and Yu Hei's girlfriend racing to set tables. Balloon fights with Leo. Laughing at Leo smashing an entire tray full of glasses! Play choking Firepig with a towel. Feeling like I belong. In addition to having an insane amount of fun!

Here's hoping for Tuesday.

I'm going to miss you, you know?
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2008-12-02 04:11 pm

(no subject)

... )
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2008-12-01 11:31 am

(no subject)

Not going.

Lesson learnt: Never, ever get your hopes up about anything.
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2008-11-29 03:13 pm

(no subject)

I'm so stupid.

I've managed to lose my birth certificate.

According to the website, it will take ten days express to get my birth certificate, otherwise it's up to 6 weeks. I don't have ten days.

Now I can't get my stupid passport, can I?

So, this makes my last post redundant.

I'm not going to HK, am I?


I LOVE [livejournal.com profile] lazilylost!!!
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2008-11-28 11:23 pm

(no subject)


I'm going to Hong Kong?
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2008-11-25 03:25 pm

My heart says yes—

My thongs broke today. Wtf.

Do. Want.
But my head says, "Save, you damn fool."

Amongst the other things I'm not loving? The fact that this picture breaks my layout.
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2008-11-24 03:06 pm

(no subject)

I am going to go insane.

Three months of big fat nothing.

Two of which will be spent waiting for my future to be determined.

It should be noted that I am not a patient person.