11 October 2007 @ 04:06 pm
you have such painless eyes  
Yes, I'm still on hiatus but [livejournal.com profile] tasteslikeboys wanted to know what Zsammy is.
So, Zsammy is Sam McKinley who writes, produces, sings, plays all his own music and shits.
He's completely independent and I do believe that all his music is available free on the internet.

(I'm gacking off his website, and I'm sure he won't mind since it's all available there anyway)
Without further ado, my favourite Zsammy songs:

Your Chest Is Not Moving
we carve our names into this stone,
she cuts my hand,
says, "it could do you some good
to feel alive for a minute,
before the walls cave in."

You Were Good At This
just bury your heart if it makes a sound,
'cause that little thing that we never doubt
can make it hard to be alive.

The Shake
you severed the lines to which i'm tethered,
and told me it was a dream.
but most of it i can still remember


Love him? Hate him? Well tell him yourself!

Ermm, yes I'm gonna gtfo now. ♥
P.S. I'm alive and as sane as ever (ie. not very)