17 November 2008 @ 02:50 pm
Day... I've lost count, but I'm thinking I've got innumerable days left, and I've kept none of my promises — promises to myself, that is. I try to be a (wo)man of my word.

I've started reading 'Skip Beat' due to the announcement that Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan will star in the Taiwanese adaptation called 'Extravagant Challenge'. The press conference is today in Japan. I'm halfway through episode 9 of 'MARS', up to episode 10 in 'Speech of Silence', and cannot remember where I'm up to in 'Hot Shot' or 'Tokyo Juliet', now those were the days. I still can't bring myself to watch episode 2 of 'Meteor Garden'. Perhaps I should ask Kat if she'll watch it with me since she's been there and all.

Christmas is coming and this year is on a budget, not that any Christmas hasn't been, or that my family really celebrate, but as always, I want to do something. Make extravagant promises like, "When I'm rich I'll buy both my brothers Rolexes" because that's what they deserve. If only I could stick to my plans, I'm lacking the determination to stick these things through. I need some of what Kyoko Mogami has, but perhaps lacking the missing feeling, since the root of all of this stems from love.

I need to schedule, so I can get these things done because the monotony makes me lazy and skews my time perception.

To Do: Christmas shopping, make Christmas presents, diabetic recipe for Florence, finish Skip Beat, borrow books for leisure, borrow books for academic pursuits, borrow books for identity pursuits, study to re-get L's, book for L's, clean room, organise wardrobe, file away sem 2 notes, create resume, watch dramas, practice Canto, clean desk, get fit, write vocab, attempt cake pops, plate photo for b1, fill stockings

Lists are my greatest confidant.