28 February 2008 @ 06:43 pm
People are such tools. Srsly. On vogue forums there is a post titled 'What do I wear to uni?'
Not to say that I'm completely free of being a tool. I was on there searching for a discount perfume site that would hopefully stock 'Guerlain Cherry Blossom' Perfume since a certain member of a certain boy band mentioned he liked the scent.

Point: I am alive and well. University has not swallowed me whole and I am not drowning in its nasty stomach acid. That is, not just yet.

In fact, I'm loving it so far, albeit I haven't yet attended 'Power and Change', which I hear is a really boring subject. The workload is also a bit of a downer. I have an assignment due next week (completed), another due Week 3, yet another due Week 4... etc. etc. It's seriously forcing me to become more organised and actually stick to it. Oh yeah, did I mention how much sleep I'm losing?

Today's my only free day and instead of being wise and dedicated I went shopping >.>
Pictures to come another day, *glances at [livejournal.com profile] sexyjohnlennon* but here's a list of purchases to tide you over:

- Black Leather Jacket
- Mickey Mouse Jumper
- Mickey Mouse Tee
- 2 x Plain V-Neck Long Sleeve Tees
- Button Detail Long Sleeve Tee
- Black Boots
- Black Belt

Yet, I'm still itching to shop. I blame the high AUD, srsly. I still need sunnies, digital camera, a new hoody, Milan jacket, shoes and a bag, not to mention Guerlain Cherry Blossom, Fahrenheit stuff, scarves, caps... but I still have a textbook to buy and I never did replenish my bank account as planned. I thought I was past this materialism and shopping addiction, but it seems it was like a dormant volcano that just decided to erupt.

I'd ramble on about how Katherine is lovely and how we click, and the other various people I've met (who's names and faces I've admittedly and embarrassingly forgotten), as well as my thoughts and feelings on various subjects and courses, but for now you're all spared. Main point is that I'm enjoying the three subjects I've attended, albeit I dislike my WSS tutorial group, but I cannot see a future beyond the degree. I enjoy what I'm learning, but I despise the lack of practicality.

Anyway guys, that's all from me. Take care ♥ :-)

Oh, p.s. If anyone knows anything about semiotics... >.> *waves white flag*
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