27 May 2009 @ 01:26 pm
Tree, Leaf, Wind  
Last night I had the urge to listen to Ah Sang's "Leaf", being reminded after the MV for Tank's new single, '如果我變成回憶/Ru Guo Bian Cheng Hui Yi' (If I become a memory) appeared on my flist (P.S. Lyrics translation, anyone?). I'd been meaning to for ages since I heard of her passing. I've always loved it in its simplicity, and because of the MV, which features Selina and Joe Cheng.

Using my google-fu skills to find the lyrics in pinyin, for my feeble attempts to singalong... I stumbled across this blog, which made me further appreciate the song by being enlightened about the story of the Tree, Leaf and Wind.

To paraphrase the blogger, King's summary of the story:
There was once a boy—we'll call him Tree—who was always mucking around with girls. One day, he realises that the girl he loves was the one beside him all along. The one he took for granted, but she was leaving him now with another boy.

She was leaving with a broken heart—as the Leaf leaves the Tree when the Wind blows. The other boy who took her away, loves her also—his name is Wind.

The question this story asks is: Does the Leaf leave the Tree because of the Wind, or because the Tree doesn't hold her back?

There's a more indepth, modern version of the story here, which also makes some comments. The most significant thing to me though was concerning the Wind and its strength and duration of perserverance. In this version, Leaf leaves a note saying: "Leaf's heart is too heavy and wind couldn't blow her away", yet she eventually comes around to Wind, but really, how long does the Wind keep blowing?

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