12 October 2008 @ 05:32 pm
Just quickly—

Today was so mindblowingly amazing!! Tracey who I haven't seen in almost a year turned up today with her younger brother and mother! It was such a surprise that no one was expecting, and it just made today so much better!! An absolutely perfect, happy, amazing day!!

What makes it even better? Tracey is graduating on October 24th, which happens to be my mum's birthday. I'm going to go to her graduation after uni, and then once again, we're all coming back to the restaurant to celebrate! It's going to be a wonderful night!! I cannot wait!!

Life seems so wonderful!! I have my big sister back ^o^

Now I'm off to attempt to work on assessments, seeing as the only not so great thing about all of this is the timing... Hope you're all super!! ♥
Current Mood: happy