03 November 2008 @ 01:58 am
So, due to insomnia I was trawling the net, as one does, and stumbled across lang-8.com. Since I'm aware that many of my lovely flisters are learning languages, I thought I'd share it.

lang-8.com is a social networking site where people write blogs in the language that they are learning, and native speakers — or fluent speakers — correct any mistakes you've made. From this you learn and make friends, and it's meant to be a fun, no pressure learning environment.

I've signed myself up, albeit I won't be able to use it really, besides perhaps posting the odd vocabulary list, and helping others with their English, since I'm far too remedial to begin composing entries... but nonetheless, I like to be prepared.

So, if any of you guys join lang-8.com, add me here!

Now wasn't this a nice change from the superficial and materialistic consumer posts I've flooded you with lately?

P.S. One essay and four my days of uni and I am free!