24 January 2008 @ 06:25 pm
in which samme is more than broke, but the laptop search is over  
I am so on a serious shopping ban right now.

Recent Purchases:
- True Religion Rockstar Gina in Nine Lives
- Dell Inspiron 1525 (in Jet Black Matte)
- Brilliant Orange
- Dynamo

(Links for pictorial/informational purposes only. Not bought from said sites. Wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise.)

Please excuse me from flisting as I'm sick. I almost fainted in the bathroom yesterday.

To prove I'm not just a poorly, self centered, materialistic whelp;

Two old men walked into the restaurant, not half an hour ago. They sat and discussed the takeaway menu amongst other things, and I sat away from them tapping on my computer, mildly disturbed by their age ravaged voices. It irritated me, this visible example of time and it's devastating effects, not to mention them confusing my mother with a sister of the previous owner, who I deplore. However, a rasping laugh escaped one of the two, followed by the statement, "This is the best day I've had — the best day I've had in a long time."
It became all too clear that I'd been quick to judge, quick to condemn. His laughter was rare and so was his joy. Who was I to rain on an elder's parade? Especially not when the sun seemed to shine so rarely these days.

To tie in with my purchase of 'Brilliant Orange': Best Player of the World Brazilian Kaka talks with passion about Oranje: “Holland is the best football school there is. Not only are the players technically skilled, they are also smart and tactically schooled."

I wish for Chester's self-belief, strength & determination: 'LINKIN PARK WERE SPURRED ON BY REJECTION'

P.S. Muse, stop being a bitch.
P.P.S. YAY little russian boy just walked in with his family :]
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